Client Testimonials

Cory Walsh is an exceptionally gifted, compassionate, knowledgeable and trustworthy acupuncturist. She has established a great healing environment in the heart of downtown Salem. Every time I have treated with Cory she has accurately diagnosed and treated the presenting problem as well as the underlying ones. I absolutely trust her both personally and professionally.

Dr. Amy Rosen, Rosen Chiropractic, Salem, MA

I am a research biologist, using state-of-the-art tools of molecular biophysics, and the rigorous methods of basic research, to develop approaches in regenerative medicine. Although we have far to go in the understanding of how acupuncture works in physical terms, there is no doubt in my mind that its efficacy is real and that for many types of conditions, its results are superior to those obtainable by mainstream medicine.

It is a pleasure to be able to describe my experience with acupuncture, and with Cory Walsh in particular, because this is something that has helped me greatly.

I have been benefiting from acupuncture for over 25 years, having been successfully treated as a teenager for acute sinusitis as well as a chronic combination of severe headaches, acne, and eye inflammation. I don't know what "Empty Fire" really is, but having gotten rid of it through acupuncture, these unpleasant symptoms (none of which were successfully treated by my doctor) disappeared completely.

In the last couple of years, Cory has helped me with two main issues. The first is immune system boosting. Having two small children and being in an environment where I am constantly working closely together with people (a third of whom have some sort of flu or cold at any given time), I am exposed to many infections. I also work very long hours at a job where I am stressed by various chemical toxins. Without question, having regular visits for immune system treatments with Cory has resulted in my succumbing to far fewer infections. My immune system has become significantly stronger, and able to resist those ubiquitous infections that affect many of the people around me.

I recently developed a very painful plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome. This made it almost impossible to walk, and after visits to four different specialists and almost $1000 spent on orthotics, custom shoes, x-rays, and physical therapy, my pain had not improved. Amazingly, after 2 visits with Cory for this issue, my pain is almost entirely gone. It was a truly remarkable result, and disappeared almost overnight following the acupuncture, after 5 months of constant foot problems.

One of the best parts of seeing Cory is the emphasis on maintenance and the strengthening of innate healing and energy reserves - of detecting and preventing problems before they occur. The bottom line is that Cory is a true expert in a treatment modality which addresses the health of the organism as well as specific disease states. She is also a very warm, intelligent, sensitive, and caring healthcare professional. My entire family sees Cory routinely. I recommend her practice to everyone!

Michael Levin, Ph.D.,Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology, Forsyth Institute, Developmental Biology Department, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

After my husband and I had gone through two very painful experiences with miscarriage, we went to see a few specialists in In-Vitro fertilization (including one abroad). We were seriously considering facing one of those very expensive treatments using fertility drugs, with lots of emotional "ups and downs" and no guarantees of success.

In the meantime, my chiropractor referred me to Cory Walsh, from whom I was intending to get some help for back pain, allergies, headaches and anxiety. I was thrilled when she told me that acupuncture could also help with infertility. After a few months of acupuncture sessions, I was having great results, balancing my whole system. And even better, after four months I learned that I was expecting a baby.

I continued my treatments with Cory throughout my pregnancy which she assured me would help to avoid another miscarriage and today I am 37 weeks into a very healthy pregnancy and never felt better.

Recently I learned that the baby was in a breach position and the doctor warned that if the baby did not turn, I would be facing a C-section. I immediately turned to Cory for help and she recommended using a technique called moxibustion which involves burning an herb over specific acupuncture points. She performed the treatment on me and instructed me in how to perform it on myself at home. Shortly thereafter the baby turned and is now in the correct position for a natural birth. I have no doubts or concerns in recommending Cory Walsh and her services for anyone who is seeking effective and totally natural healthcare.

Renata Hurley, Salem, MA

Cory did a great job healing the tendinitis in both of my wrists with acupuncture. I was able to avoid surgery as a result of her treatments. I am a nurse and a guitarist and would recommend her to other musicians who have problems resulting from overuse injuries. I would also recommend her to other healthcare professionals for referrals for their patients, as well as for their personal health and well-being.

Angela Masciale, RN, MSN, CS, Guitarist, Marblehead, MA

Cory is THE BEST! I have suffered from several chronic problems (insomnia, digestive disorders and Morton's neuroma) which I used to managed with over-the-counter and prescription medicines. Now, however, I'm completely "medicine-free" because of the fantastic work she's done with me. Everyone I know who has been to see her for one thing or another raves about what a great healer she is. If you're looking for a healing partner to work with, she's the one.

Pamela Bynum, Nahant, MA

As a patient of Cory Walsh I am completely satisfied with her treatments of a nicotine addiction to smokeless tobacco. I used to coach football and baseball and liked using these products during the seasons. Before seeing Cory I would get cravings to use them and now they are gone.

John K., Lynn, MA